Project | 01
Networked Improvement Community on Improving Teacher Preparation for Building on Multilingual Students' Strengths​​

In Spring 2018, I led the establishment of a networked improvement community of University of California teacher preparation programs aimed at improving the preparation of teachers to build on multilingual students' strengths. My role in this work is as the lead improvement facilitator and researcher. This work falls under the California Teacher Education Research and Improvement Network (CTERIN), and I am supervised by my co-advisor, Elizabeth van Es. 

Project | 02
Development of a Video-Based Practical Measure for Teacher Candidates' Noticing and Practice​​

As part of a NIC focused on improving candidates' practice for building on multilingual students' strengths, I am leading the design and development of a video-based practical measurement tool aimed at creating an indicator of candidates' noticing, dispositions, and practice. 

Project | 03
Consultant for Network Health Project

The Network Health Project is an initiative aimed at measuring and providing formative feedback to leaders of Networks for School Improvement, which use the tools and methods of networked improvement science to address a problem of practice. My role is to work with the project leads to identify how issues of equity and social justice can be centered in the feedback provided to network leaders.

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